Taro Swirl Mooncakes to celebrate Chinese New Year A layered, crispy flaky pastr…

Taro Swirl Mooncakes🍠🥐 to celebrate Chinese New Year🐮🧧✨ A layered, crispy flaky pastry filled with a sweetened taro paste

Water Dough (White):
• 372g All-purpose flour
• 74g White sugar
• 148g Water
• 136g Butter
Let rest for 20 minutes

Oil Dough (Purple):
• 160g Butter, softened
• 296g Cake flour (use Corn starch for 10g)
• Food coloring (12 drops Red, 2 drops Blue)
Let rest for 20 minutes

Taro Filling:
• 800g Taro, steamed
• 210 Granulated sugar
• 60g Glutinous rice flour

Laminate oil inside of water dough.
Wrap taro filling inside.
Bake 375F for 5 minutes
Bake 350F for another 25 minutes
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